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Local Links

There are many reasons to visit our region.  Check out these links for points of interest, accommodations, places to eat, and other attractions.

Local Places to stay or dine

Big Moose Inn - Just next door to the marina, the Big Moose Inn offers a fine lunch and dinner menu, as well as a fine place to stay.  This peaceful and relaxing setting is a perfect summer getaway that allows you to feel at home without all of the extra stresses of your daily life. (315)-357-2042

The Glenmore Bar & Grill - The starting point of the now famous Big Moose murder, the Glenmore has a great bar menu as well as unique rooms for rent.  Check out their web-cam for a great view of the lake and to see how much snow there is! (315)-357-4891

The Waldheim -  Established in 1904, the Waldheim is a seasonal Adirondack resort on Big Moose Lake offering the same hospitality by the same family as it did when it opened. Unlike many resorts today, they still operate on the AMERICAN PLAN, serving three meals daily.  Guests have their meals in a central dining room while staying in one of their seventeen cottages.  One of the most peaceful resorts in the Adirondacks. (315)-357-2353

Covewood Lodge -  Nestled among balsam firs, spruce and cedar trees on the shores of Big Moose Lake, Covewood Lodge is a Great Camp-style inn, including an historic main lodge and 18 cottages.  Covewood provides rustic and comfortable accommodations for approximately 100 guests from May through October. (315)-357-3041

The Big Moose Station - Provides fine dining in a very unique atmosphere.  Originally the starting point for travelers on their journeys into Big Moose Lake, the station is now a restaurant with an exceptional menu and fine service. (315)-357-3525

Other local links of interest