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Daily Boat Tours - Big Moose Lake

Big Moose Lake historical boat tours depart daily at 11am & 2pm.  Come aboard our 1955 Chris Craft as it cruises around the beautiful shoreline of Big Moose Lake.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the stories and tales of a personal guided tour that takes you back in time to explore the history and development of our wonderful lake.

With the arrival of the railroad in 1892, Big Moose quickly changed into an area of tourism.  Business opportunities blossomed for guides and early settlers, as they expanded their skill sets to build several hotels and cottages on the pristine shores of Big Moose Lake.  As you cruise along, you will explore many of the structures built by earlier settlers such as Henry & Earl Covey, EJ Martin, and Roy Higby.  Finally, what would our tour be without the tale of the famous "Great American Tragedy" of Grace Brown & Chester Gillette.  Your guide will take you through the details leading up to the murder, after the murder, and the trail that followed, as you visit the location where Grace's body was first discovered.  Call today to make reservations, the tours take about an hour. 


  • Adults: $25 per person (under 6 is free)
  • Seniors: $24 per person 


** Minimum of 4 people required for departure
**Maximum of 14 people



To arrange your tour, please call us at (315) 357-3532.